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    How a single mum gets out of debt - Sarah's story: no dramatic changes


    Through her journey, Sarah has bveen proving to me how a single mum gets out of debt. She's continued making small changes to her money habits to create a successful future for her and her son.

    I've checked in with her again, to see how she is going on her debt free journey.

    “There have been no dramatic changes” said Sarah.

    It had been 2 weeks so it was possible.  She changed her Super over to another company, which was very empowering for her. Ok, I thought, that’s good, but not a dramatic change I guess, tell me more.

    She has been more aware of spending money on food, and thinking a lot to her self things like "do I really need that?" or, "do we need to go out to dinner tonight or can I look in the fridge and throw something half decent together.’”

    Luckily, her son is a good eater an not very fussy, so making these changes and being aware of these habits is a great start.

    “Ok, that’s good too, great work. And what about your debt?” I asked her.

    “Well, the debt is now down to $19,200 and I have started putting $20 a week on the smallest store bill of $600.  It should be gone in about three months, which is cool.”

    In that same conversation, Sarah also shared with me that she's not good with money or finances.

    And it was at this point I asked:

    “Have you heard what you have achieved?  Have you looked at this and celebrated?  Not with a bottle of champagne, but with a little happy dance and maybe a small reward that says well done to you?”

    “You have:

    • Changed your Super provider by yourself,
    • Made changes to your thinking about money – dinner is money,
    • And you’ve paid off $200 of debt and know when your smallest debt will be gone.

    That actually sounds like something close to dramatic change, what do you think?”

    “Oh, yeah.  I guess it is” Sarah agreed.


    We often see success happen, but just think of it as just another job completed.  And when you have little ones running around and need to provide for them, seeing the success can often be clouded with ‘what do I need to do to prepare for tomorrow?’ and ‘did I get everything I needed to get done today?’

    Success and failure pass us by quickly, but it’s really easy to dwell on, ‘I couldn’t buy that for them today’ or ‘I couldn’t afford that’.  

    Know that you are successful every day and dwelling on that for even 5, 10 or 20 minutes will make a difference to what you think, how you feel and what you do. 

    You can succeed in everything you do and getting out of debt is just one task that will happen for you if you think about it.

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    Written by Scott Lee

    I want to help you and at least 1 million others to get debt free so you can really make your dreams a reality. With over 20 years in the finance industry, I have seen many financial situations, both tough and easy and have experienced most of these first hand.

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